Our Team

John Hogarty


John runs his own business and comes from Ballinasloe, Co Galway. He has called Australia home since 2007.

Frances Postgate


Frances Postgate. From  Co Donegal and now lives in Geelong.  Became a member of Geelong a Irish society I think around 2011.

Deirdre O’Hara


Deirdre first came to Geelong Australia in September 1978. A GIS Committee member during 1980s and early 1990s. Went back to live in Ireland and returned to Geelong in December 2011 Very passionate about all things Irish.

Liesl Freeman


Originally from Dublin, Liesl moved to Australia in 2002. She currently lives in Geelong with her husband and two Australian-Irish children. She became a member of the Irish Society in 2012 and Secretary in 2015.

Martin Healy

Martin, a carpenter, is from cork. He moved to London in 1985 and then Australia in 2007. He lives in Geelong with his wife and 2 kids.

John Reaney

Originally from Dublin, moved to Australia in 2009. Lived in Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne before meeting my wife in 2011. I lived in Geelong for 5 years and now call Geelong my home.

Tony Strain

Tony Strain is one of our longest serving members. Originally from Belfast, Tony came to Australia with his family in 1966. He is currently a committee member, but has also held the positions of President for 2 years, Vice-President for…